Model Schools Conference is a wonderful and welcoming community of education professionals like you just waiting to hear your transformational journey. Why should you apply to present at MSC 2024? Effect Positive Change. Someone is waiting to hear your story! Make New Connections. Add your voice to a larger movement and join efforts with other committed educators. Raise Your Profile. Be recognized by your peers as a driver of positive change on the national level. Start your application today, you may return to complete it anytime before the deadline on December 31, 2023.

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Our Criteria

01 Laser-Like Focus on Student Learning

Model Schools, Innovative Districts know what matters most: the students! And it shows. There must be systemwide belief—and aligned behaviors—that students are the number one priority. Epic Educators show they care about students above anyone and anything every second of every day.

02 Strong Evidence Base

Model Schools and Innovative Districts are rapidly and dramatically improving student growth through strategic, practical approaches to leading and teaching. Student growth is validated with reliable, credible evidence, either quantitatively or qualitatively. Artifacts of student learning, teacher growth and the like are most welcome to share. Epic Educators bring your classroom artifacts of your favorite lessons, student work and the like. Show us whatcha got.

03 Passion, Passion and (You Guessed It) More Passion

Conference participants consistently share with us the strong emotional connection they feel from Model Schools and Innovative Districts (and now Epic Educators) that present. Their passionate educators have taken their ambition and turned it into actions, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic this year. Rising to the challenge is the name of their game.

04 Future Focus

All schools have had to rapidly transform this school year, through blended learning, hybrid learning, distance learning—you name it, you’ve done it. Digital tools are no longer an optional luxury they’re a necessity. The future is here, and regression is not an option. Share your strategies for how you will continue to optimize learning to prepare students for their futures.

05 Culture Trumps Strategy

The pandemic has magnified areas of strength and weakness in our collective fortitude, perseverance and ability to find opportunity during times of struggle. Educators in Model Schools and Innovative Districts continue to forge ahead and create positive learning environments and a supportive culture that are felt across the school community. They know that if the culture’s not intact, then learning suffers.

06 Extreme Innovation

Is this you? You’ve dabbled before with technology and new instructional strategies, but this year you’ve taken the pandemic as an opportunity to truly create disruption – and it is working! Teaching and leading strategies you never thought would or could work are now commonplace. We want to learn from you—what risks are making magic?

07 All Means All

Rigor, Relevance and Relationships for ALL students is our mantra. Model Schools/Innovative Districts/Epic Educators apply these concepts with clear understanding, creating learning environments that are equitable and inclusive in order to reach the needs of ALL students.

08 Diversity

Collectively, presenters selected will be diverse both demographically and geographically and represent urban, suburban, and rural populations. Regardless of location and/or population, you must be able to show that you’ve made advancements to close the opportunity gaps within your subgroup populations.

We’re looking to fill our program with many diverse sessions. Not sure your school is ready to be a model but you have a great story and best practices to share? Click any of our categories below to preview application criteria.

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